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Something happens when we grow up. All the magic we brought into the world when we were children gets educated out of us. We learn to sit still and pay attention. Our imaginary friends aren’t allowed at the dinner table anymore. Plaque begins to build up over our playful, enchanted light. We become dull co-workers, business people and politicians. We forget the rules of the playground. We become suspicious. The kindness of others is questioned, or worse, unreciprocated.

Go back. Find a photo of yourself at about age 5. Look closely into the eyes of that child and know that that spark still exists within you. You are a creative being of light. That’s how you were built, that’s your only job.

When we are creatively free we begin to see unlimited potential and endless possibilities everywhere. The job you hate becomes a creative project. The chores you have to do on a daily basis become a meditation. And best of all the world begins to take on a vibrancy that has nothing to do with eyesight and everything to do with vision.

I created this blog to chip away the plaque surrounding my own light. Knowing what I know of the creative process I thought it might be fun to bring a few friends along. Please feel free to comment on any post, but remember, you’re speaking to a magical child so keep the comments positive. What you give out, you get back. It’s for your own good!

If you want to interact with other enchanted folks ask join one of our closed groups on Facebook – Enchanted Living or Detox, Reboot, Be Awesome.

Now, go find something magical and write about it.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. bkpyett says:

    I do like your positive attitude. Unfortunately Facebook isn’t for me, I only look occasionally to see photos of grandchildren, but I love the fact that you have your own Enchanted Circle! May you all lift one another’s spirits. ❤

    • Allison Andersen says:

      I totally get it about Facebook, I have a love/hate relationship with it myself, but I have to be on it for other purposes so I figured I’d make the best use of it. Thanks for the comments, it’s always nice to meet like-minded people.

  2. lauzlau says:

    You’ve lifted my spirits with your positive outlook. I recently unfriended my own fb account, so I won’t be a visitor there. Thanks for the tips on creative vision.

    • Allison Andersen says:

      I totally get the FB thing, there are times I’d like to walk away from it as well. Instead I created a cozy little niche I can visit. Thanks so much for the comments! I will be doing more “challenges” in the near future so check back,maybe one will appeal to you.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Aditya says:

    That’s true what you said – ‘Go back. Find a photo of yourself at about age 5. Look closely into the eyes of that child and know that that spark still exists within you.’ 🙂

    • Allison Andersen says:

      Yes! it’s so easy as a ‘grown-up’ to get caught up in non-essential things. Things we pretend are important. It’s still about wonder. We can’t possibly know it all, there is always something new and exciting to discover. Thanks for the comment.

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