21 Day Challenge – Day 19 – Promises

Grace 2 IMG_2131Every day has its own flavor. Monday has a sense of urgency mixed with a soupcon of resignation. On Wednesday, particularly after lunch, the mood begins to lift. And Fridays are naturally relaxed. This seems to be true if a traditional schedule is worked or not.

It has been many years since I have worked 9-5 Monday through Friday, but I still feel that physical sigh of relief at the end of every week.

It is a day that is both relaxing and dangerous. “No need to stress, don’t worry about it, you’ll pick right back up where you left off.” It’s easier to let go of promises I’ve made to myself. It’s Friday. Relax.

It takes a little extra effort to stay on track. It’s easy to phone it in, maybe skip something.

But I don’t. And it’s so important that I don’t.

Day 19 of 21. Don’t fall back on old habits. Don’t be happy with at least making it this far. This is not a goal, this is a lifestyle change. I could pass on the writing and drink wine tonight and the stars would not fall out of the sky. But one would flicker and burn out. And maybe I’m the only one would know. But I would know.

So I write, I photograph, I do yoga and I put water on for tea. Not because I have a problem, and not to reach a goal, but for me. For my enchanted life. And because I made a promise and it’s time I kept one to myself.

[Photo: Meet Gracie, aka Grace Louise, aka TT. She and her human came over to hang out.]

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