Birds of a Feather

Eagle IMG_2279I thought I was supposed to stay home today and write or hibernate, but the Universe had different plans for me. At around noon  I began hearing little whispers to go to the Birds of Prey Center in Maitland. And I am not one to argue with the Universe. So I went.

The Universe wanted me to be enchanted. And so I was, and how. Not only did I see the most amazing giant birds, I found turtles lolling about in algae, a bee pollinating sweet purple flowers, tiny cutie pie birds like Screech Owls and a few lotus flowers. The lotus flower I found when I first got there was beautifully open and bright, an hour later, when the sun hid behind the clouds a little too long it had closed. Until today I didn’t know they did that.

The birds at the center are all injured and healing, some healed a little wonky with shattered wings or feet, some missing eyes or other body parts.  They can never be released back into the wild, but they are well cared for and we are lucky enough to be able to visit them.

Vulture IMG_2318




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