Super, Black and New

vulture IMG_3966Tonight is a new moon. A super moon. A black moon. Evidently this is a really powerful thing. Sounds impressive. Each new moon is a time to create. As the moon is reinventing itself you have the opportunity to do the same.

Whenever I remember this I think consciously directed thoughts toward the future I hope to create. Sometimes I write them down.

As is often the case, the new moon, the super black moon, caught me by surprise. But I had unknowingly set myself up pretty well. I had planned today to hand over responsibilities that had begun to drain my life force. At the same time I had a meeting scheduled later in the day that was in alignment with a new direction I am choosing to take.

Auspicious indeed.

Then it occurred to me; I should do this everyday. Let go of one soul-sucking, life-force depleting activity, person or situation and replace it with the opposite. Once the heavy hitters are dispensed I can get to work on letting the little negativities go and bring in the small but powerful positivities.

This way it won’t matter where, how big or what color the moon is.

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